Waterman Supply is a direct distributor of Marine Equipment & Industrial Equipment. We have a tremendous inventory of Marine Anchors, Anchor Chain, Marine Hardware, Marine Fenders & Buoys, Dock Equipment, Deck Fittings & Equipment, Marine Doors and Hatches, Marine Pumps, Crane Blocks, Sockets, and many other products for the marine, oil field and construction industries. We stock new and used marine equipment and products. We carry both domestic and imported marine equipment and products.

We are extremely proud of serving the marine, construction, oil field, and industrial markets for over 60 years. Our office and main warehouse is located in the heart of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

We operate this business as a joint venture between ourselves and Anchor Marine and Industrial Supply, based in Houston. This allows us to maintain a vast inventory of Marine & Industrial products in the center of the Gulf Coast to further service our customers in the Gulf Area, East Coast, and around the world. We have the largest inventory in the United States.

Waterman Supply is a major distributor of Crane Blocks, Sockets, and Shackles for the construction industry. We operate in a joint venture with Associated Wire Rope and Rigging and have an exceptionally large inventory of new and surplus products from RopeBlock, Van Mechelen, GN Rope Fittings, Sea-Link and others.

This web site is intended to give you a sampling of the industrial and marine products and equipment that we handle.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any of your specific requirements or questions regarding our products.


waterman supply has anchors, chains, shackles, bitts, towing, deck, pumps, marine, sea, hatches, and more - covering your needs all over the world Cargo Hoister Blocks Swivel with Links 20 Ton Cleat AMC-20 Byer Type Stockless Anchor Fairleads, Guide Sheaves, Rollers Chain Through Buoys Snatch Blocks for Manila Rope Wood Shell and Steel Shell Dimensions for Chain Fittings Chafe Chains Double Bitt, Cast Steel Pneumatic Fenders Sizes and Performances Anchor Joining Link - Pear Link Fairleads, Four Roller Type 100 Ton Bollard Swivel, Galvanized Chocks Open and Closed Low Profile 10 Ton Cleat AMC-10A Kenter Joining Shackles Workboat Anchor Standard Wood Shell Blocks for Manila Rope, Single and Multiple Sheaves Towing Shackles & Regular Shackles Detachable Chain Connecting Links Construction Blocks Chocks Panama Type Deck Mounted Fast Reave Blocks Mooring Bitt Fairleads, Guide Sheaves, Rollers Smit Brackets

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